Data/Ethernet Cabling in Broomfield, Colorado

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Luminous Electric is your one-stop shop for all things related to Data/Ethernet Cabling in Broomfield, Colorado. For those who may not know, Data/Ethernet cabling is the backbone of your network. These cables transmit data from one network device to another - they're essentially the veins of your home or business, carrying the internet and network data to where it needs to go. We provide comprehensive cabling services that include installing this crucial network cabling for ethernet; ensuring a fast, stable internet connection in your home or workspace. For a glimpse into our rates, don't hesitate to request a quote here.

Established since 2015, Luminous Electric has gained a reputation for providing expert, high-quality electrical services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver Metro Area. We don't just do cabling - as electrical contractors, we cover a wide spectrum of services, all delivered with the highest levels of precision and professionalism.

Beyond expertise, there's a lot that sets us apart. Our team comprises licensed, insured, and experienced electricians who stay up-to-date with local regulations, and are reliable and punctual. We operate with a high degree of transparency, offering fair pricing with no hidden charges. Good communication is at the heart of our service; we keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you're never left in the dark – pun intended!

At Luminous Electric, we take great pride in our work and are committed to delivering services that are second to none. Choose us when you need a top-notch data/ethernet cabling installation service that you can trust and rely on. We eagerly look forward to providing you with the finest quality of work, and nothing less. To find out more about how we can assist you, request a quote today!

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