Installation of emergency lighting or exit signs in Thornton, Colorado

Your Safety is our Top Priority at Luminous Electric

Think about it, you find yourself in an could be a power outage, a fire breaking out, or some other unpredictable event. The lights go out and fear kicks in. This is where emergency lighting and exit signs can become a real lifesaver. At Luminous Electric, we specialize in installing emergency lighting or exit signs to help provide safe and orderly evacuation. We firmly believe that they are essential components in any building, keeping occupants oriented and directed towards the safest escape routes during a crisis.

Based in the Denver Metro Area, Luminous Electric is a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor that has been serving residential and commercial clients since 2015. Our team of professional electricians is highly experienced, punctual, and always stays up-to-date with local regulations. With their vast industry knowledge, they're equipped to handle every project detail efficiently and safely. Rest assured, when you hire us, you're putting your trust in field-tested experts.

We understand that pricing can often be a concern for many clients. That's why at Luminous Electric, we pride ourselves on providing fair, transparent pricing. There are no hidden costs, no surprise fees, just reasonable prices for top-quality services. Furthermore, we put a high emphasis on communication and always keep our clients updated about their project's progress. Whether you're a homeowner, a business, or a contractor, you can expect our team to deliver the high-quality service that Luminous Electric has become known for.

It has been said that "preparation is the key to success." Let us help with your preparation by ensuring your building's safety in the event of an emergency. Don't wait until it's too late to install essential safety features. Contact Luminous Electric today and experience the assurance of knowing you've taken a proactive step towards the safety of your occupants. You’ll find that our reliable service is a great investment in the long run. Request a quote now and get one step closer to making your building a safer place.

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