Installation or repair of backup generators in Arvada, Colorado

Experience the Difference with Luminous Electric

You wouldn’t head out for a road trip without a spare tire, or to Colorado’s beautiful wilderness without a backup plan. Why would your home or business be any different? When regular power sources fail or become unreliable, our backup generators can keep your world moving. Luminous Electric specialize in the installation and repair of these essential equipment. They have been our forte since 2015 and we've been powering homes and businesses in the Denver Metro Area that need to maintain consistent operations without disruptions.

Guaranteed Quality Services

At Luminous Electric, we're not just any ordinary electrical contractor! Our team comprises licensed, insured, and experienced professionals versed in local regulations. We’re committed to delivering service and quality that's beyond par. It’s no wonder homeowners, businesses and contractors across Arvada trust our electrical service. We provide high-quality generator installation and repair, and ensure your system is working optimally, guaranteeing a trustworthy power backup solution.

Transparent Pricing & Good Communication

We believe in fairness and transparency. With us, you don’t need to worry about sudden price changes or hidden fees. Our pricing is as transparent as it gets and our communication is fluid. Maintaining good rapport with our clients is a core part of our philosophy. We embrace a culture of openness and aim to educate our customers about the services that we provide.

Ready When You Need Us

Our electricians are not just experts in their trade, but also dependable and punctual. They are constantly up-to-date and know what it takes to deliver a service that will make our clients happy. We take our job very seriously; we're not satisfied until we know that you are. So why wait? Request a quote now and experience the unrivaled service at Luminous Electric for yourself. Lighting up your world is our duty.

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