Installation or repair of electrical circuits in Berthoud, Colorado

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Has the time come for you to replace an outdated, faulty electrical circuit in your home? Or are you planning to accommodate new equipment that requires the installation of fresh circuits? Maybe you're simply aiming to boost the overall energy efficiency of your building? Whatever your electrical needs, you've come to the right place. At Luminous Electric, we specialize in the installation or repair of electrical circuits and it's our pleasure to serve both residential and commercial clients around the Berthoud, Colorado area and the wider Denver Metro Area. Request a quote to get started!

Crafted from a solid foundation of expertise, transparency, and sheer dedication, our business thrives on offering top-tier, no-nonsense electrician services. So, whether you're a homeowner yearning for top-quality electrical work, a business owner searching for excellence, or a contractor seeking reliable partnerships, you're welcome at Luminous Electric. Our operations began in 2015 and we've continued to raise the bar of electrical service provision ever since.

It's not just about delivering service, but delivering it in the right way. Luminous Electric is fully licensed, insured, and our electricians continually stay on top of all local regulations for your complete peace of mind. To us, good communication, punctuality, and reliability are non-negotiable. They're a part of our DNA. We approach every job we take on with utmost seriousness, even as we maintain a friendly, approachable demeanour to make your experience a pleasing one.

We’re not just electricians. We’re electrical professionals dedicated to providing the highest-quality work for every job we undertake. Our commitment to fair pricing means that we look out for your wallet as diligently as we take care of your circuits. We're proud of what we do, and we're excited to bring our dedication and passion to your electrical project. No job is too big or too small for our team. Let's light the way to effective electricity use together. Request your quote today!

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