Installation or repair of fire alarm systems in Northglenn, Colorado

Welcome to Luminous Electric, your trusted foreman in the arena of fire alarm systems in Northglenn, Colorado. Be it installation or repair, we are your go-to experts, ensuring the safety standards of your residence, corporate spaces, or public buildings are always up to par. With us, taking charge of this safety essential is a hassle-free experience, as we guarantee precision, reliability, and according to current codes to meet compliance standards. Let the experts handle it! Request a quote today.

Since our inception in 2015, we have been empowering the Denver Metro Area with our professional electrical services. We are no ordinary electrical contractor. We are Luminous Electric, recognized for our high-quality work, serving both residential and commercial sectors. Our mission has always been to make high-quality electrical solutions accessible to everyone, be it homeowners, businesses, or contractors, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Our work goes beyond simply ensuring your lights come on. It factors in your safety too. This has propelled us to ensure our team is not just licensed and insured but also vested with up-to-date knowledge on local regulations. In all our services, we exude an unrivalled mix of experience, reliability, and punctuality, so you never have to worry about compliance or who is handling your electrical systems. With Luminous Electric, you're dealing with professionals who take their work seriously, back it with extensive experience, and prioritize good communication with our customers.

We understand that pricing is a vital part of any decision-making process, and we are proud to offer a fair, transparent pricing model. No hidden fees, no after-hour charges; just honest, straightforward pricing. Whether it's the installation of a new fire alarm to secure your business or repairs to an existing system in your home, choose Luminous Electric. Let's make a brighter, safer world together. Request a quote now for the exceptional service you deserve.

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