Installation or repair of outdoor lighting in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Your Lighting Solution: Luminous Electric Idaho Springs

Here at Luminous Electric, we deeply understand the importance of a properly lit space. Outdoor lighting is paramount for safety and security, especially in Idaho Springs, Colorado's beautiful but sometimes unpredictable landscape. Proper lighting reduces the chances of inadvertent trip or falls in your yard and acts as a deterrent to uninvited guests. Whether you need complete installation of new outdoor lights to illuminate your garden or pathway, require consistent maintenance and repairs on existing fixtures, or seek economical upgrades to energy-efficient lighting, we've got you well covered. Request a quote from us today and get reassurance of being in expert hands.

We've been an active electrical contractor since 2015, proudly serving our esteemed residential and commercial clients within the Denver Metro Area. Our reputation is built on providing high-quality electrician services at a professional level. Over the years, we've garnered a wealth of experience, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

We are more than just licensed and insured, we are meticulous and reliable, up-to-date with local regulations and standards. We take immense pride in offering fair and transparent pricing to our clientele, and are unwavering in our good communication with you. As your partner in outdoor lighting, we are deeply committed to carrying out our tasks to the highest standards and practicing punctuality.

The job doesn't end once your installation, repairs, or upgrades are complete. We continue to offer maintenance advice and services to ensure that your lighting system remains in optimal condition. At Luminous Electric, we are not simply checking the box off your to-do list, we're investing in the safety, security, and beauty of your home or business environment. Request a quote and let us help you shine a light on your outdoor space today.

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