Repair or replacement of faulty wiring in Fort Collins, Colorado

For Quality and Reliability, Choose Luminous Electric

Your home or business premises deserves the best care, especially when it comes to safety matters. At Luminous Electric, we understand that faulty wiring is not just an inconvenience, but also a significant risk that needs immediate attention. Not only can defective wiring lead to electrical fires, but also cause shock hazards, amongst other safety issues. Therefore, it is paramount to have these potential problems repaired or replaced by a professional. Get a quote from us today!

Since our inception in 2015, we have been providing electrical contractor services in the Denver Metro Area; serving residential and commercial clients. We have built a solid reputation through our dedication to delivering high-quality, expert services. Our professional electricians are not just licensed and insured; they bring a wealth of hands-on experience to handle all your electrical needs efficiently and promptly.

Trust, transparency, and relentless dedication form the foundations of our business here at Luminous Electric. We take immense pride in offering fair and transparent pricing for all our services. This approach, coupled with our commitment to excellent communication, ensures our customers always know what to expect from us. And, with punctuality as a virtue we hold dear, our reliable electricians will always show up on time to deliver high-quality work.

Besides providing exceptional service, we realize the importance of staying up-to-date with local regulations. This understanding allows us to assure clients that our services not only meets their expectations, but also align with area's codes and standards. At Luminous Electric, we don't take our work lightly because we understand what's at stake. Request a quote from us today and let us offer you unmatched service in the repair or replacement of faulty wiring in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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