Rewiring in Boulder, Colorado

Choose Luminous Electric, Your Reliable Partner for Your Rewiring Needs

Are you considering a complete or partial rewiring of your home? Don't just settle for any service provider. Choose the proven experts at Luminous Electric. Since opening our doors in 2015, we've helped countless Boulder, Colorado residents turn their living spaces into safer environments. We do this by replacing old, unsafe wiring with the latest, high-quality alternatives. We're not only an electrical contractor; we're your trusted partner ready and able to guide you through the rewiring process. Don't wait - secure peace of mind today. Request a quote now.

Luminous Electric isn't just any contractor. As an establishment that serves both residential and commercial clients in the Denver Metro Area, our range of hands-on experience equips us with the resources to handle diverse demands. Need your business location rewired? We’ve got you covered. Need to ensure your home is safe, efficient, and modernized? We’re the team for the job. Trust in our capability to deliver according to your expectations.

We understand that rewiring can be an intimidating task. For this reason, our customers' currency is peace of mind through quality service. Our team of expert professional electricians guarantees to handle your project with punctuality, reliability, and a firm understanding of local regulations. We're licensed, insured, and trained to alleviate your rewiring worries with our open, friendly communication and transparent pricing. It's simple - you handle your daily tasks, and let us handle the wires.

Ultimately, we at Luminous Electric believe that quality is everything. Your happiness is our goal. Whether it’s a pre-1970s home in need of a major wiring makeover, a recent build in need of an upgrade, or a commercial site in need of an overhaul, our wide-array of services is primed to cater to your need. Choose us, and unlock a partnership that holds your interests at its core. Take a leap, and let Luminous Electric illuminate your world with safe and secure wiring. Request a quote here.

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