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People are drawn to the Mile High City for various reasons, including the scenery and seasons. Because of its four unique seasons, which include severely cold winters and scorching summers, having a reliable electrical system is essential.

That is where a trustworthy and excellent electrical service may help. After all, you want to ensure your property is prepared to withstand whatever mother nature throws at you. An effective electrical system can also save energy expenses.

So, if you need help, our knowledgeable specialists are here to support you.

Finding Trusted Electricians Near Your Area

Electrical work may be challenging and risky. An electrician with little or no training might make mistakes. Electrical fires, property damage, injuries, or even death might occur from these mistakes.

Why should you fix your electrical systems? Flickering lights, tripped breakers, and electrical shocks are a few signs that your electrical system needs repair. To avoid any potential risks, it’s crucial to treat these problems right away.

When should you inspect the electrical system in your home? Checking your electrical systems is crucial if you are planning any major renovations. Doing so will guarantee that your system can withstand the extra power that may be demanded.

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Employing a qualified electrician is important. This will ensure that your electrical work is expertly performed and totally safe. Electrical work done improperly can be fatal.

Our electrical service providers are available if you’re looking for experienced and passionate electricians in the Denver area. 

Why fix the electrical system in your house? Electrical system repairs unquestionably require specific knowledge and experience because they can be intricate and sometimes hazardous. 

How quickly should I contact technicians? It could be time if you routinely have power outages or trip breakers. 

Why Choose Luminous Electric?

Our team of passionate specialists wants to assist you with your electrical needs. We recognize that your house or place of work plays an important role in your life and want to ensure that you are at ease while you are there.

  • Our Team – All of our team are certified and dedicated to using their years of experience to help you with a wide range of electrical needs, whether that is with your home or work. 
  • Customer Experience – When you work with Luminous Electric, you can relax, knowing that your home or business is safe, comfortable, and running as it should. You can also rest easy knowing that you are in very capable hands.
  • Company Values – Our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality work, upfront pricing, and first-rate customer service. 


To ensure your electrical system functions properly, safely, and efficiently it is important to work with a trustworthy and skilled electrician. By hiring a respected, competent electrician like us at Luminous Electric, you can be sure that your electrical work will be done safely and correctly.

Do you require the services of a qualified electrician? Luminous Electric is pleased to provide you with reliable, dependable services that are accessible all year long. Check out our excellent ratings, get in touch with us through our website, or give us a call whenever you need assistance. We offer free quotes on any required replacement work and have no hidden repair fees.

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Customer Reviews

“Decent company to do any electrical related projects…. we’ve used them to do the entire electrical setup for our newly built home, and everything works perfectly.”

Sandy Elliott

“Luminous Tech Matt arrived to my business right when he said he would and was very pleasant to deal with. Expertly rewired a fluorescent light ballast for me for a fair price. Will definitely use this company again for any future issues. Highly recommend!”

Kris Pina

“After weeks of our circuit breaker constantly tripping, I asked Luminous Electric to take a look. I’m so glad I did because they quickly identified the problem and fixed it.”

Kate R. Edwards