Installation of new lighting fixtures in Northglenn, Colorado

Welcome to Luminous Electric, your trusted electrical contractor in Northglenn, Colorado! Are you thinking about freshening up your home or business with new lighting fixtures? We commend you for making a great decision! Installing new light fixtures not only enhances the appearance of a space but also improves energy efficiency and ensures compliance with current building codes. You can rely on us to create a charming ambiance while ensuring everything is up to code. Interested in learning more? Don't hesitate to request a quote.

Established in 2015, Luminous Electric has quickly gained a reputation for providing top-tier electrical services to our treasured clients. Be they homeowners, businesses, or contractors, we have successfully served a diverse group of customers in the Denver Metro Area. Doing so has armed us with just the right set of tools and expertise to help you transform your space using lighting fixtures.

We are proud to be a licensed and insured company with a team of experienced electricians who know their craft like the back of their hand. We go beyond mere installations; we offer you value. Being travelers ourselves on the road to energy efficiency, we understand the intricate details of compliance and regulations. Rest assured, our electricians adhere strictly to local regulations, keeping you divested of any regulatory hassles.

Enlisting our services means navigating your lighting fixture installation journey with a punctual and reliable partner who takes work seriously. Good communication is a key characteristic of our approach; we believe that keeping you informed is crucial for your satisfaction. In the end, we look forward to leaving you dazzled with our high-quality work. And what's even better? Our pricing is as fair and transparent as our work. Ready to light up your premises with Luminous Electric? Request a quote today and let's get started!

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