Installation or repair of fire alarm systems in Broomfield, Colorado

Welcome to Luminous Electric - Your Trusted Source for Fire Alarm System Installation and Repair

For those who need top-quality installation or repair of fire alarm systems in Broomfield, Colorado, look no further than Luminous Electric. We believe that fire alarm systems are more than just another feature of your home or business—they're essential to the safety and security of your property and its occupants. Making sure your system is installed by experts, or regularly maintained and repaired with the highest diligence, is the key in ensuring its effectiveness and compliance with current codes and standards. Why not request a quote today and let us provide you with the peace of mind you deserve?

Established in 2015, Luminous Electric is an electrical contractor dedicated to serving residential and commercial clients in the Denver Metro Area. We've spent years cultivating a reputation for delivering exceptional electrical services. Not only do we provide expert installation and repair of fire alarm systems, but we also extend our expertise to a vast array of other electrical solutions for homes, businesses, and contractors alike.

We take immense pride in offering fair, transparent pricing and good communication. Our dedication to these principles sets us apart in our field. As a licensed, insured, and experienced company, we have built a team of professional electricians who are punctual, reliable, and—most importantly—committed to staying up-to-date with local regulations. This keen awareness helps us to ensure all installations and repairs comply with the required standards for safety and efficiency.

At Luminous Electric, we take our work seriously. Whether it's a large scale installation for a commercial project or a small repair in a suburban home, we approach each job with the same level of steadfast professionalism. Our commitment is to deliver superior quality in everything we do, carrying out your project with the focus and finesse it deserves. So, request a quote today and experience the Luminous Electric difference. We're looking forward to bringing our high level of expertise to your fire alarm systems needs!

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